Sunday, October 2, 2011

Parkview Cafe, Milton, WI...Did Someone Say Breakfast?

Every small town has a story…something unique that puts them on the map.
The Parkview CafĂ© is Milton, WI.’s story, where residents gather to socialize and enjoy the best meal of the day… breakfast. In fact, when I eat this good it is my only meal for the day.
Life was in the slow lane and I easily slipped into it and stayed there for the remainder of this day.
Steak and Eggs never tastes that good without Bonnie. In fact, I’ve not had them since the last time we were together. We first bonded over Steak and Eggs after a long run which led us both to the Madison Half Marathon so “over Steak and Eggs” has become our perfect meeting place.
Not too many places bake up great biscuits any more. These were remarkable - light and fluffy as in classic Pillsbury.
Truth of the matter is, I didn’t think about food until sometime on Sunday!
Bon Appetit!