Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Creating A Signature Dish

The secret of many successful cooks is not that they are experts at everything. It’s that they have learned to do one or two things really well. They have a signature dish.

The best way to create one is trial and error. I know because most of my signature dishes were errors in the beginning…one after another. Oft times I was ready to give it up but then I had another idea to substitute an ingredient or cooking method. With time, my efforts were rewarded but it did take a lot of testing and experimentation to get there.
Remember, cooking is science…which reminds me that I really need to spring for a copy of Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking. It’s down to $468.37 from $625.00 on Amazon. I know. Somehow it’s hard to part with that much cash.
As I continue to think about it you continue to cook.
First, find a recipe that you love, begin to experiment with it until you get it perfect. Yes perfect. Make it over and over again until you can do it in your sleep. You know the old saying: Practice makes perfect? Like anything it does.
Don’t forget to ask for feedback from everyone you cook it for because they feed you your best ideas on how to improve it.
Also make sure that you keep the ingredients on hand so if you get an inspiration in the middle of the night, you have everything you need to start cooking it at 3 AM.
Breakfast anyone?
Bon Appetit!