Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wise Acre - Minneapolis

Can you can taste the farm freshness? At 5401 Nicollet Ave South, Wise Acre is an adjacent stop from the Minneapolis airport.

Now that I’ve eaten at the restaurant, I want to visit the farm because the photos in their brochure were stunning. How great would it be to raise all of the food that you eat? I am game any time to try it.
An old garage converted to a restaurant, Wise Acre is supported by a 150 acre farm and the quality was apparent. The walls were a vertical garden and most of the plants come from the farm as well.
Owner and chef were super friendly and the menu is small.. it changes up every 6 weeks depending on what is in season. I know one thing for sure - if I lived in Minneapolis, I would be a regular.
Farm fed? I had to order something with an egg on it to really judge and this eye-catching grilled cheese, ham and egg sandwich fit the bill perfectly and was really delicious.
Sausages were home-made and the burger – well the bacon was complimented by a little spoonful of Brie and in this case the Brie made the burger (and I never thought I would ever give bacon a secondary role to anything).
Dessert: Homemade custard with toffee. Good to the last crunch and split it but honesty could have done an entire mini-bowl myself it was so good.

The highlight: Their Tangletown Garden store across the street. An hour in there and even I could get into gardening.

Bon Appetit!