Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Publican Quality Meats

House-made sausage, charcuterie, aged prime beef, pork and other cured meats are the focus of this new market at 835 West Fulton Market. 
Since I failed to bring my cold bag, there was no giving into the temptation of the lamb shank (the guy in front of me bought the last 4 anyway) and the Serrano Ham sitting on top of the main counter top with a tag reading "Jamon Iberico $200 l/b".
The space will also be used for private parties and cooking classes so I definitely want to check it out as there can never be too many quality cooking classes in Chicago.
I arrive at 10:30 AM to a packed house and by 11:00 (that “magic” hour at which they begin serving lunch and not a minute before) I ordered a “Better Than Gyros “sandwich which was stuffed with delicious pork belly and raita – an Indian yogurt sauce that was every bit as good as tzatziki. The homemade chips were delicious but in desperate need of a dose of salt.
Next time I’ll try their Albacore Muffaletta sandwich which was a wish -I –ordered favorite of just about everyone there.
There was a nice grocery area where I discovered Bill Kim’s Belly Fire hot sauce which is an Urban Belly classic… and the first time I had found it anywhere for sale.
My advice: Go back in a few weeks when they get their act together. I don’t mind crowds but this was half-organized chaos since two doors fed a steady and growing stream of hungry visitors…most of whom had never been there before because it was only open for a week.
Knowledgeable butchers and innovative selections will make this place a foodie favorite.
Bon Appetit!