Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Marc Burger

Tucked into a sunny corner on the 7th floor of Macy’s food court is Marc Burger. The Marc is Marcus Samuelsson, and Marc Burger is his farm to table, fresh ingredient burger joint.
I ordered the Marc Burger with the fried egg and the steak sauce and it was good but not sure it was worth the $12 price tag. Next time I will order his award winning BBQ Burger that was being devoured at the table next door.
Doesn’t that always happen? You look over and wish you had ordered what the guy next door is eating.
Great Side kick: The flavored ketchup.
French fries were interestingly seasoned as was the chocolate shake... they made theirs with custard instead of ice cream.
I was certain when the waitress handed me a frequent dining card, I looked like I would be coming back.
Her first clue: Not a thing left on my plate…or the plate next door.

Bon Appetit!