Friday, February 14, 2014

Cava Sautto Wine Fest

With over notes of Cotija Cheese...

These were the words that were whispered in my ear by the Mezcal salesman as I took a little sip. Turns out he was probably one of the best liquor salesmen I've run across in a long time.

He instructed first time tasters to pour a little in their hands and rub them together and savor the smell before they drank it. He also instructed them to hold it in their mouth for a few minutes before they actually swallowed it.

That's the Mezcal kiss that he talked about and I wrote about in my recent post on Mezcal.

This Mezcal was one of my favorites although I ultimately didn't taste any cheese notes...obviously the sign of a less than sophisticated Mezcal palate.

It was also 48% alcohol and Amores - another one of my favorites - is 37%. Did I realize the difference? Not really. Both are great Mezcal's according to my taste buds no matter what the percentage of alcohol.

There were a wide variety of other wine and liquor brands at the Cava Sautto Wine Fest on Saturday, February 8.

Like the new Jack Daniels Honey. For someone who does not like whiskey, I loved the taste.

This event is on my A List of festivals. The cost? A mere 50 pesos considering you got a 200 pesos credit in the liquor store redeemable for products.

The purple wrist band allowed us to enter, leave and then re-enter again at night. It was packed later on and there was a mad rush on the liquor store about 7:50 PM.

I also enjoyed going earlier when we had an opportunity to visit with all the vendors and sample their products.

Favorite of the show? What else but this Spanish Champagne. When it comes down to it, I always pick the bubbly.

Buen Apetito!