Friday, February 14, 2014

SMA Shorts

Always have: a Plan B

Clever use of: silverware

Thankful for:

A Fireplace and a sweater

A clear blue sky every day

Hansen's Specials:

I ordered Osso Bucco ( I ate the entire plate it was that good) which I thought was the only special I hadn't tried at Hansen's but as it turned out I had missed one - Fried Eggplant - the special for Thursday.

Happily coming back for another round next weekend.

Pork Butcher in the house?

What I couldn't find in San Miguel? Pork Cheek
Where I did find it: Comonfort
Loved this little butcher shop right in the town square.

Conclusion: Always give the treasured cheeks to the best cook in the bunch- Mrs. Don Day! Thanks Sharon. They were a work of art.

Fiber Feast

Candelaria: Week Two

Mexican healthy

The Restaurant's New Appetizer:
Yakitori grilled pork belly and duck livers skewers with scallions and organic greens.
Verdict. Delicious especially if you like duck livers. Two thumbs up for the grilled pork belly. A little too heavy on the dressing.

The Restaurant's New Dessert:
Pecan, bourbon and butterscotch bread pudding with vanilla ice cream.

Verdict: Really good but nothing better than the Burnt Caramel Ice Cream Sundae.

Market finds:

Chicken Gizzards/35 pesos a kilo/Tuesday Market

My Italian neighbor use to invite 6 of us over every Sunday for Chicken Gizzards.
She would slow cook them in a pot of water with lots of pepper.

Wishing now I had her recipe.


Good Hash Browns

Mac and Lobster

Ultra- thin chocolate chip cookies

Favorite Civil List Post:

One of my favorite San Miguel eateries is now offering rides, to and from the restaurant! Yesterday, each table had a place card announcing transportation from your home to Milagros and return.

Los Milagros Restaurant Bar
Relox 17
152 00 97 (call for a ride)
Between the Jardin and Mesones

Billionaires Bacon

1 lb. bacon
1½ cups light brown sugar

Separate strips of bacon and blot dry with paper towels. Put sugar into a wide dish. Coat both sides of bacon in sugar, firmly pressing sugar into each strip. Lay bacon out on sheet pans as coated. Cook bacon in a preheated 425° oven, turning once, until browned and lacquered, about 15 minutes. Transfer to a lightly oiled sheet pan to let cool.


MX/ Home of the 35 Peso Margarita?

Popped into MX, San Francisco 8, to check out the menu and the rooftop dining room.
Surprised to find a 35 peso Margarita on the menu only to realize after I ordered it that it had little or no tequila in it. I would much rather have a Margarita with legs (so you can crawl home) and pay a little more...especially if I'm going to take in all the calories.

Heard this restaurant has the most fabulous chef and the Mixiote MX with organic rabbit is amazing. Stay tuned.

Butter, Butter and More Butter...

PANNOS, a new bakery located at Stirling Dickinson, #52, in San Antonio is on to something.

It was not the beautiful Lebonese pita bread but the butter cookies that got my attention. Tasted a lot like the cookies my grandmother use to make. In fact, I had to eat 4 of them just to find that out.

It opens at 10 AM but go early. She is selling out of everything...especially the butter cookies. I plan to buy them all!

Real Japanese: Healthy, Fresh and $

Delica Mitsu
49 Calzada de la Luz
Colonia Guadalupe
Wednesday - Monday 12-7
Closed Tuesday

What's not to love about really good food at a great price? This is my new go-to spot. It's amazing what really fresh ingredients create.

I had the Bento - 2 Selections: 45 pesos

Asian Spinach Salad with carrot, jicama w Asian Sesame Dressing

Fresh Spring Roll w chili sauce

My friend Marcia had the Bento - 3 Selections: 65 pesos

Hijiki Japanese Seaweed Salad
Fried Curried Rice Ball
California Sushi Rolls

They also own Delica Mitsu in Guanajuato.

Stashing Sweets for My Sweet. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Buen Apetito!