Friday, February 14, 2014

Malicha's Grill

Colegio Militar #16, Colonia Guadalupe

This little restaurant opened in Colonia Guadalupe about 6 months back and although they are still evolving, they have hit a signature dish that would make most fans of the Chicago Dog cringe.

Traditionally a Chicago dog is topped with yellow mustard; chopped white onions; bright green sweet pickle relish; a dill pickle spear; tomato slices; pickled sport peppers; and a dash of celery salt.

This classic? BBQ sauce and asparagus.

Having eaten my fair share of hot dogs while living in Chicago the past 25 years, I say this Mexican version is the real deal. There is something about the combination of flavors that makes it the most ordered dish in the restaurant.

First off, they use quality ingredients. It's a Polish - like the Maxwell Street Polish which is called one of the classic foods synonymous with Chicago - on a bun (they are currently looking for a bread provider to improve the overall quality of the dish) with Rancho Viejo bacon. Add a little goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, grilled asparagus and what would be the secret sauce. They divulged the ingredients to me but I'll never tell what the magic is behind the dish. Now that I think about it, it's really Mexican basic and pretty ingenious.

The Polish is grilled so in Chicago we would call it a "char-dog."Can't tell you how good it was to be eating one of these again.

The French fries were fresh and flash fried so they were not greasy. They could have been a little more well done but a lot of that's me...I like mine extra crispy on the edge of being burnt.

The real treasure of the space is the cozy rooftop where Jesse Moore, the award-winning singer, songwriter, musician and actor was playing the night we went. Just an FYI, Jesse's in town and is bound to do a pop-up gig just about anywhere.

The owners, an unlikely band of brothers, cousins and friends, are young and just the creative ticket to make this little place work.

And for me, who takes her Hot Dogs seriously, I'm going back today for Round II.

Buen Apetito and hold the ketchup!