Wednesday, February 5, 2014

SMA Shorts


Dumplings: The Restaurant
An appetizer I can polish off as quickly as I can order another.

Caprese Salad: Hansen's
A side to share although it's so good you'll be tempted to keep it all to yourself.

On a missions to find: Cheek meat. Preferably beef.
Two trips to Comonfort and I found pork cheeks.
You'll be surprised where it ends up. Stay tuned.
The hunt continues.


Backyard BBQ


Ripe tomatoes

A good steak

Sweet Surprises:

Sugary coffee at the local Oaxaca Street Festival

Mezcal Amores at the Artisan Market
Finding Roberto Vazquez Lugo, Executive Sales with Mezcal Amores at this art fair was a treat...especially since he was giving out free pours of some of Mexico's best Mezcal.

Works of Art:

Floor cloths by Joy Wesson

Mexican collages by Shiobahn Bryne

Street art

Old doors


Don’t: Play with your food

Too lazy to make: Mole

BnB Bliss:

Dos Casas:

Elegant boutique hotel down the street from my house ( Quebrada 101) where you can dine on a selection of European fusion dishes created by Chef Gustavo Calderon.

The dining room is beautiful, cozy and intimate. This is the spot to take someone special.


Michael Coon's Oaxaca...Pack my bags! After another night at Casa de Cocinas, I can't get to Oaxaca soon enough.

What's not to love with a menu of Panuchos with Spicy Chicken, Chilorio-Beef Shoulder with Red Onions, Arroz y Frijoles and Chocolate Bread Pudding? I'm still dreaming about it! 

In fact, I'm still dreaming about all four of the culinary experiences I've had at Casa de Cocinas.

Two more are on my calendar for February.