Friday, February 14, 2014

The other half of the story...

I know a few things about Don Day. Do you?

Don Day scores his paella by counting the number of ingredients? True or False?

Don Day has been coming to SMA since 2004 and has been blogging here since 2010. True or False?

Don Day loves beer and sings like Kenny Chesney. Or was it that he sings along with Kenny Chesney? Never mind. You know enough already.

Like most Canadian's in San Miguel, Don Day travels in a pack. What else would you call "The Gentlemen Who Do Lunch" or his "little sewing circle?"

If I were one of them - and I am not as it is clear that there are no women allowed - I would follow Don Day to lunch too. After all, he knows where to eat.

Did I mention however that sometimes you are required to consume "unmentionable cuisine" (remember the post on montalayo) just to feast at his table? You have to be an "Andrew Zimmerman type" just to keep pace.

Lord knows what you'll be eating next Thursday when he finds some obscure, out-of-the-way hole-in-the-wall. Pan fried worms and pig stomach tacos? I guarantee you one thing though...he'll surprise you. He's that kind of guy.

With 28 blog posts under his belt this year - everything from "In Praise of Redheads and Burritos" to "Who Has the Best Buns in San Miguel", I will admit that he's got a following. I am one of them.

I was first hooked by his post on "60 Scrumptious Things to Eat In San Miguel" which was sent to me by two of SMA’s true foodies: Pat Carter and Carol Jackson. I was new in town and didn't think anyone could come up with a list that long. There was everything on the list from Bavette with bottarga to Torchon de foie gras. Now it is a point of reference when I want something out-of-the-ordinary to eat.

Did you know he's tried just about everything here and if he hasn't found it, his wife cooks it for him? Here's a little secret though. Mrs. Don Day, who is one of the best cooks on the planet, like me could not get her Kitchen Aid in her suitcase when she came down to San Miguel. I would hate to think what she would be whipping up if it had fit.

So when Don Day sent me a note a few weeks back to join him at Tuesday Market, I could not resist. This is a guy who loves food as much as I do and blogs about it to anyone who will listen.

Besides, he's married. It's not like this was a "date"or anything. But it was... kind of sort of.

Don Day is a food blogger. A very funny one at that so I know he'll be a little less annoyed about me reaching over him to steal a piece of his lunch and wouldn't go crazy when I tell him that he can't order the same thing as I do...but he did anyway. The man is also a bit cheeky.

Speaking of cheeky, you got all the details on his blog about that day even down to the part about eating cheeks, brains and eyes. I could have done without the eyeballs but I didn't tell him that. You see, I'm a bit cheeky myself.

I got the bright idea that devouring a plate of brains would make me smarter. Little did I know the entire "date" would set me on the hunt for pork cheeks (this was another one of his challenges although he is now blessed with the mission of finding beef cheeks) that would place me in Comonfort at 8AM on a cold February morning for the second time in a week...this time via the Flecha Amarilla not having a clue where I was going.

Tell me now. Do you think they made me any smarter?

I wouldn't tell him that I agree with almost everything he writes or that just as I was making notes to go to Le Cochon qui Saute he did a post on them. You know how ad men are. Just crazy enough to invite a Mexican-French born chef over to his house to cook coq a vin for 11 of his rat pack friends.

In another 3 years talk to me again. Don Day will probably still be teaching me something about the food in SMA that I didn't know ... like Brain Tacos do make you smarter if you eat enough of them AND wash them down with a good bottle of tequila.

Salud and Bon Apetit! 

The Mutual Admiration Society has left the House.