Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Minnesota…Life On The Lake

And who said life on the lake isn’t great?

I loved getting up in the morning to a view of Lake and the only decision I had to make all day is where to eat.

It’s a good life… and here is where we played all week.

Bon Appetit!

Lakeshore Grill - 12411 Wayzata Blvd, Minnetonka

Lakeshore Grill is located at Macy’s and is a find. Honestly, when I go for shopping, I never think to eat at Macy’s.

The mini popovers were a treat but the desserts were simply to die for. I knew this white chocolate cheesecake was good when I could see through it as our waitress placed it on the table.

How clever is this? The key lime pie was served in a little jar. It was also wonderful and as Key Lime pie goes exceptionally good.

Desserts rang up at a mere $2.99. Yes, you could gain more than a few pounds just by forking over a $10 bill.

Island View Golf Club - 7795 Laketown Parkway, Waconia

49 cent wing night in Jamaican, Thai, Teriyaki and the best was when I spotted the onion rings which were double dipped in beer batter.

They are now at the top of my list of all time favorites.

Asian Bistro – 4669 Shoreline Drive, Spring Park

Mu She Pork and Beef with Asparagus was some of the best Asian food I've had. No secret that I would put this restaurant up against any in Chicago’s Chinatown. Of course, Theresa and her husband cook everything fresh.

A little love in the mix doesn’t hurt either.

Rancho Grande – 1004 Highway 55 East, Buffalo

There is only one thing on the menu that we eat here after a long day of shopping at The PORCH and Atelier…the California Chicken burrito with white cheese sauce. The sauce simply makes the burrito.

Going to try and recreate this in my kitchen with white American cheese and jalapenos.

A search in progress so stay tuned.

Victor’s 1959 Caf√© – 3756 Grand Avenue South, Minneapolis

Since they opened in April, 1999, customer’s have been signing the walls and every square inch including the corners are decorated with graffiti and someone’s message. It’s part of what makes this place so charming.

We had Lechon Adado and Sandwich Cubano as seen on the Food Network. I missed the episode so I’ll have to go back and catch it.

This place prompted me once again to put Cuba high on my list of places to explore.