Saturday, May 25, 2013

World Food: Mexico…

There is a brilliant series of books that are out of print called World Food by Lonely Planet.

If you want to get an education on the food and drink for a particular country, these books are a comprehensive introduction to what you are about to experience when you travel there. In my opinion, they are a must read. But what do I know? I’ve had their book on Mexico for 13 years and never really studied it until this week. Don’t ask me why. If I had paid attention back then, I might have been a foodie a lot sooner.

Most of the books were published in 2000 – 2002. Why Lonely Planet abandoned the series is a mystery. These books would be popular today if updated since the population of foodies continues to expand.

They got a few – and I mean only a few- bad reviews on some facts that readers claimed were not totally accurate. From whose experience?

We all argue about what is accurate. Someone asked me the other day what I meant by having an authentic experience for Day of the Dead? OK – that question provoked me to come to the conclusion that authentic is all in the eye and the mind of the beholder.

These books are not a cookbook...some whined about too few recipes... or a travel guide ...some complained about not enough restaurant recommendations.

The books will take you through the history and culture of a country’s food and leave you convinced that you will have those same "authentic" experiences as well. Oh, and I promise that they will also leave you hungry.

My motivation to be in Mexico use to be for the sake of the journey. 

Now it’s for a good meal.

Stay Tuned and Bon Appetit!