Sunday, September 12, 2010

Edzos Revisited

Do you remember my post on Edzos? Around the corner from my new office? Trouble with a capital T.

Forget that this place has the best burgers, malts and French fries (truffle) on the planet. Is this place too close for comfort? So much so I have to step up my game plan and run an extra 3 miles each week. I am seriously addicted to this place.

Bon Appetit just named Edzos one of the great cheap eats in Chicago.

What I discovered at Edzos this week?

The maple malt I split with my boss was sinful.

Chef swears that the old machines blend more slowly than modern blenders, yielding a smoother, creamier malt as less air is whipped into it. I don’t remember ever having a malt this good…and I love malts and have consumed plenty of them.

I thought that I would lighten up and get a turkey burger…mind you I had a maple malt and hand cut fries extra crispy and this was a weekday.

This turkey burger was like none other I had ever had. It was as good as the burger and I have never compared the two of them in the same breath. Eddie tells me he grinds fresh turkey every day.

We especially love Eddie for his signature line…

“After working in Barcelona, Bologna, and way too many fine-dining kitchens, I decided to try and create a situation where I could carve out a living and still make it home by 6:00 so I could eat dinner with my family every night”

Congrats and Bon Appetit to Chef Eddie and the staff of Edzos.