Monday, September 6, 2010

Mole…Chapter 2

Chef Geno Bahena knows his mole and in Chicago culinary circles he is the undisputed King of Mole.
He is the head chef at Real Tenochtitlan in Logan Square and made a name for himself in Rick Bayless’s kitchens back in the 90’s.

He makes seven complex, earthy moles every week. His Mole Negro has 28 ingredients and 4 different chilies along with rich, homemade stock. The key: every ingredient is roasted until black. Remember, you have to bring it to the edge of burning it without burning it. And therein lies the real secret to mole.

I want to learn to make mole from scratch and not from a paste.

It will take 4 hours in the kitchen with a friend and if you go it alone – like I will – it is an all day process.

I’m on a chase to find a lesson so stay tuned.

Bon Appetit!

  Photo Source: Unknown