Monday, October 18, 2010

Died And Gone To Heaven?

Ever thought that you had died and gone to heaven? This must be Puerto Banas!

Ahhhh…Puerto Banas! That’s what we say every time we talk about it. Actually it was the one place on our trip that we didn’t want to leave.

We came across this stunning, little town quite by accident when driving down the Costa del Sol. At that time, it was a very elite spot, known only to the locals and film stars.

The minute we got out of the car, you could smell the money. There were numerous cocktail and wine bars spread around the Marina and seafront areas, known as the Muelle Rivera - great areas for doing a bit of 'star spotting.'

I wasn’t really into food back then but somehow the one memory I took away was all of the restaurants and bars on the beach.

Just another one of the many reasons to put Spain back on my culinary list of places to eat my way through. Kind of fuzzy but if I remember correctly, the last time it was all about the wine!

¡buen provecho!