Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Saturday AM Routine

It’s now part of my Saturday morning routine. The Evanston Farmers Market followed by Green City Market.

I love the feel of the Green City Market. The market has the support of practically every chef in the city of Chicago and there is always something going on. Like two weeks ago when the market had a cook off between students from 3 culinary schools in Chicago. The food looked truly amazing.

Green City has a real sense of community and it’s a great place to people watch. Do dogs look like their owners? I took a quick opinion poll last week and there is so much truth to that thought.

I was fascinated that one vendor was making scrambled eggs and everything he put in the pan he got from the market. It was so delicious. Fresh ingredients are the key to any great meal.

Where I use to dread the fall because it meant the end of summer, I now embrace it. Nothing better than putting on a sweater and taking in all of the scents of food and the fall season.

Bon Appetit!