Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cooking Schools Will Teach You More Than Just The Local Recipes...

I love cookbooks but there is just so much you can learn from a book no matter how good it is. You have to go to the source and learn from a local expert.

Many “on location” cooking schools not only teach you how to cook their cuisines but also take you to local food suppliers and farms, world-class chocolatiers and local wineries so that you really know the region by the time you leave. You explore the city through food and get to know everything from great restaurants to the street foods (my favorite) and local markets.

When it comes to the best cooking schools, you have so many choices. We’ll narrow it down for you. We have been talking to some of the most amazing schools around the world and will start featuring them next week. This will be a regular post so look for a new one every week in addition to all of the other feature stories that we do.

We like them so much and are certain that they will teach you a lot more than just the local recipes.

Bon profit!
Dobar tek!
Smakelijk eten!
Bon appétit!
Guten appetit!
Jó étvágyat!
Buon appetito!
Mani deuseyo!
Gero apetito!/Skanaus!
Kale orexe!
Vær så god!
Noosh-e jan!
Bom apetite!
Priiatnogo appetita!
¡Buen provecho!
Smaklig måltid!
Afiyet olson!
Est gezunterhayt!