Monday, October 26, 2009

Gerhard's...Simply to Die For!

Gerhard’s… I can’t even get this elegant european dessert out of the box. I took one bite thinking that I would then put it on a beautiful plate and finish it off slowly, savoring every bite. No chance! I ate the entire obsession out of the box.This is not even remotely healthy but I have added it to my now growing list of indulgences...and this is my #1 indulgence! Unqualified excess at it’s best!

Do you have a dessert that places you somewhere between heaven and I will absolutely be in purgatory forever? Unfortunately, now that I have found Gerhard's, this is a sin that I will probably repeat over and over again.

Is Mary Greub (Owner and Principal) to blame? Absolutely! Let's blame it all on Mary and stay tuned for more on all of the outstanding desserts that are created in the kitchens at Gerhards.

Simply to die for!