Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Saturday, it was lunch at XOCO after a 10 mile run. The wait was a little over an hour. Don't let the line outside fool you - it's the line inside that takes awhile. But the food? die for!

Rick Bayless has hit it again at XOCO serving up great mexican street food where everything from Cochinita Pibil (pig), Pepito (shortribs), Choriqueso (homemade chorizo) to authentic fresh-ground chocolate is on the menu. Local, fresh ingredients is what makes this place stand out.

It was really fun to watch the chef's in the beautiful, open kitchen while you go through the line. The tortas are cooked in a large, wood buring oven. Rick Bayless was there on a Saturday much to the delight of everyone and speaks highly of his committment to his brand.

An interesting assortment of Caldos (soups), Salads and Pastries are on the menu as well.

Prices are reasonable and the service - as great as the food!

I love Frontera Grill and Topolobampo. Just added XOCO to my list of all time favorites.