Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Road Food...Notes From A Busy Mom

                                   Courtesy Tiffany Dawson

Here is a cute note I got this week from my sister Krissy and why does the mental picture of her in the SUV with all of the kids and sloppy joe’s in tow really fracture me?

“Hi Suzi - mean you really want the sloppy joe recipe that we ate on paper plates yesterday in the SUV on the way to activities? That is how our life has been, and my cooking. No really!

I got a cookbook that Callie's school did (needless to say I don't have a recipe in there because I missed the deadline!) and I picked a recipe each day that came from Callie's classmates - somehow kids always like it if they think that their classmates eat it! No kidding aside, the sloppy joe’s came from there and they were good.”

Does this sound like your life mom? Send us the recipes that makes your kids think that you are the greatest cook in the world. You are you know!