Monday, October 26, 2009

Old Market, Omaha

I use to live in Omaha, Nebraska in the late 70’s and always remember Omaha as a great food city.

The French CafĂ© at 1017 Howard Street has been an Omaha main stay forever and is still one of my favorite restaurants. Just walking into the French Cafe, you feel taken into the ambiance of a celebrated European bistro. It is really just the most comfortable place for conversation, a bottle of wine (because in these surroundings you’ll never have just one glass of wine) and a extraordinary meal. The filet au poivre is still hard to beat.

V. Mertz is another popular restaurant that has been serving up renowned and elegant cuisine for over 30 years. Executive Chef Kyle Anderson and Sous Chef John Engler serve up some of the best indulgences. When in season, locally grown and certified organic produce is provided. Cheers again for the chefs who love fresh, local ingredients.

M’s Pub has a distinctive wine list for as long as I can remember was/is the place to go for happy hour. Customers, wearing anything from jeans to tuxedos, enjoy this cornerstone which has been there since 1973.

Love Omaha...and I haven't even touched on the steak joints.