Monday, October 26, 2009

Notes From Jennifer...

The nicest thing about living in Oregon is that you can always enjoy fresh seafood and produce. I have become somewhat of a seafood snob after helping my friend pick up fresh fish from her dad's seafood store on the coast. They literally buy fish right off the boat! Having fresh tuna, clams, crab, cod and salmon I could never go back to buying the fish from the grocery store that was caught weeks ago. Not only does it taste better but you can buy it for a lot less than at the local grocery store.

Now that my nursing program has started I have less time to cook but still manage to make dinners most nights. I find that after a long day of classes, labs and clinicals cooking has a calming effect on me. It helps me to slow down and relax. Since I am on a tight budget, cooking at home allows me to control the ingredients and portions of my food.

We eat dinner together almost every night and it is a great way to connect and reflect upon our day.

More next week about balancing school and home!