Saturday, February 6, 2010

Did This Sun Lover from Minnesota Finally Figure It All Out About Winter?

After two very stressful days, I got off the train in Lake Forest and decided to power walk the three mile path home to Lake Bluff. I was so over winter and totally sick of exercising indoors. It was my time to take control.

I got on the trail and early on, it started to snow. It was warm outside and all of a sudden, I was clipping along and starting to notice how beautiful the snow was and that there were no other tracks along the way except mine. Did I own this route or what?

I started to sing and was feeling so de-stressed at that point that I forgot my week had been even half bad. Suddenly, I was singing really loud and all of a sudden, I was totally into winter. Me? Little Miss Sunshine into winter?

After all these years, I finally figured out what it is about winter that my family loves besides a big bowl of homemade soup.

Bon Appetit!