Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pass The Italian...

If I could trace back my family tree, I'm sure that I must have some Italian blood in me somewhere…or is it wishful thinking?

I’m convinced that Italian blood is the key component to cooking excellent Italian food. No matter how hard I try, mine is just on the better edge of OK. I can never get to that “wow” factor and I have been a student of Italian cooking forever.

The Italian charisma lingers far beyond the kitchen. It simply cannot be explained. It’s definitely not arrogance…not even control.

An Italian can win you over simply by inviting you into his kitchen. Prepare yourself for what you find there besides a huge Italian family who now calls you their own. Yep - I have been adopted by several, large Italian families and love them like my own.

Some of my most memorable meals have been inside the Italian kitchen. If you were not analyzed before you went it, you will be coming out. Not to worry, now that you have the support of the entire Italian family that just adopted you.

Any other cuisine is not a challenge for me so I’m not sure why I have failed to master Italian at this point in my life. Perhaps I need to spend a month or two in an Italian kitchen somewhere and hope that the “intensity” of being Italian rubs off.

Just for now, I’m throwing in the towel.

I guess it is time to go home for a long, overdue fix of my brother-in-law Phil’s Italian cooking. If I can’t cook it, at least I know where to get it!

Bon Appetit!