Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kind Of About Food…More About Inspiration!

                                                  Photo Source: Gina Dunn
My friend Gina is such an inspiration. She cooks new recipes every day and emails it out to all her friends. I am so lucky to be on her list.

I love the message she sent to me today when I told her that my sister and I are bartering services. I am doing a new site for her clothing business and she is paying me in clothes. How great is that? It was like Christmas yesterday when I opened her box and found so many adorable designs. I think it is every girls dream to have a sister in the clothing business.

Back to my story…so I got this cute message from Gina because both of us love chocolate…

“Wow! Being paid in clothes! That is a dream come true! I think being paid in chocolate would also be good, but then you may not fit into the new clothes :)”

Did I mention to you that my friend Gina is also a cancer survivor? Another reason she is such an inspiration.

There are so many events for cancer each year. March is the perfect month to start training to do one so grab your shoes and keep me posted on your progress.

Every day is a happy day for a cancer survivor. Hug the ones you know and thank them for always keeping your glass half full.

Happy Birthday Gina!

Bon Appetit!