Saturday, February 27, 2010

Korean - Not A Fan But Trying

OK – so I am just starting to find out about Korean food. This dish looked full of flavor but fact of the matter is it was flat and had no flavor at all. I don’t even like looking at this picture because it reminds me of how bad it tasted.

Anyone who really knows Korean food - can you send me some recipes and tips?

No dog meat recipes however since I had such a great weekend in Minnesota in the company of Harley and Roxie. Arf!

At this point I am not a fan of Korean cooking but I have only tried one dish so my thought is to never give up on a cuisine when you have a breakdown...especially the first time around.

I simply need an education and a good instructor as well.

I will Google, read up, go to ethnic markets and talk to people who cook Korean well.

Keeping you posted on this one! At this point I give it a “D”. “D” as in done that and would not love to do it again!

Mani deuseyo!

Photo Source: The Larsons