Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dolmades...and other good reasons to explore The Parthenon

The last time I had Dolmades, I was with my sister Mary and brother-in-law Phil downtown Chicago at the Parthenon Restaurant (314 South Halsted Street in Greektown).

The great thing about dolmades is that a wide combination of ingredients can be used with this basic Greek food. Generally, there is some type of chopped meat included in the filler. The meat is complimented by other ingredients like onions, pine nuts, rice, garlic, chopped or pureed tomatoes, and a number of different seasonings.

After eating these, made by one of the Greeks I ride the train with, I must admit that I still really crave the ones from the Parthenon. They were that good.

The Parthenon also makes the BEST Saganaki – their specialty which is a mild kasseri cheese flamed in brandy and half the fun is yelling opa as they light it. Coupled with a Greek Salad (Lettuce hearts, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, olives, peppers, oregano, and anchovies) and Gyros – another specialty- with spit-roasted slices of lamb and beef, seasoned with herbs and served on a bed of onions and wrapped in a homemade pita…simply to die for!

Of course, you have to order a bottle (or two) of the Roditis – a Greek red wine that is made in their basement. Better watch it though because it sneaks up and you and before you know it, you’ll be partying all night in Greektown…and miss your stop on the train ride home. Do I speak from experience you ask? Trust me…you’ll only do it once…or try to!

Bon Appetit!