Saturday, April 3, 2010


I am a creature of comfort and nothing is better than staying home and spending time in the uncomplicated atmosphere that I have created. Besides that…the weather sucks!
This old rooster rules the roost and watches over the shamrock plants that thrive in my kitchen window.

I suddenly realized today that I love spending time in my kitchen on the weekends. It’s here where I cook and also thrive - photographing most of the food that appears on CupCakes and CrabLegs each week.

I am lucky. My house has a tons of windows and photographers love natural light.

My kitchen is ever so tiny but it’s welcoming and filled with the things that remind me why I love to cook and eat.

I would describe my little house as Cottage style – relaxed, a bit quirky and a lot shabby chic.

In true cottage style, I collect seashells and they all reside in my bathroom. Each of them now holds a particular memory…all of them good!

I also collect chopsticks. Can you count them?

I like eating with chopsticks…like eating Ethiopian food with your hands. It’s part of the tradition that you cannot get around. How did people eat before there were utensils anyway?

A little bit quirky?...this old music box plays Flash Dance and I bought it for Tommy when he was small. It never falls short of taking me up when I am feeling a bit off. Seems like I have been winding it up a lot lately and wondering how I ended up with it anyway instead of him?

I happen to be a fabric junkie. I love vintage textiles and quilts and my unlikely matches repeatedly work…at least for me and that’s what counts…right?

I love these old fabrics because they are comfortable and whenever I walk in the door after a long and sometimes crazy day in the city, I am peaceful in a matter of minutes.

In the past, I did not realized the real importance of surrounding myself with the things I love… until recently. I was never home! Have I now become a bit of a homebody? No matter what… it takes very little to make me happy these days.

Bon Appetit From My Cozy Little Corner Of The Universe and Happy Easter!