Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dear Readers

Since finishing my website design program at CTS in Chicago, I am in the process of applying what I learned to upgrade this site.

I plan to make things easier so that you will want to come back and visit us frequently.

I will give you:

A Recipe page where you can link back to all of the wonderful recipes that we provide each week and can easily retrieve them when you are the inspired chef in your own kitchen.

Reviews to help you select exciting restaurants or products for your next special occasion.

“Sweet Home Chicago” links if you are planning to explore the city and want to find some new, fun and unique places to go.

We’ll also have Travel, Health, Cookbooks, Cooking Schools and a list of our own Personal favorites.

We expect to finish up in late May just before we are off to cover the Restaurant Show here in Chicago. We’ll be providing daily posts during the show.

In the mean time, we’ll still be posting every week so come back and join us as a regular for the updates.

We are now six months old. I am so excited that our readership has grown from about 100 hits a week in the beginning to well over 800 just last week.

Pass our address along to anyone you know who loves to cook and eat. Drop me a line if there is anything you would like to see on our site.

We’re hoping our photographs make you hungry and inspire you to cook and feast with family and friends often.

We LOVE our readers and promise you splendid sections in the months to come.

Bon Appetit!