Saturday, April 3, 2010

Las Fuentes

Isn’t it fun that you can cut through the chase and find a great Mexican restaurant right off the bat by letting a kid who grew up in the city lead you to their front door? Wow- that was a mouthful.

My friend Bonnie’s husband Bob grew up in the city and has been eating at Las Fuentes for years. Honestly, I would have never found this place on my own.

Sunny and full of character, this restaurant was better than good. Authentic Mexican – you always know it when you take one look at the menu and see Queso Fundido.

We got the TLC - VIP service from Benjamin, who was delightful and as we found out later works 24/7. This guy deserves a day off so tell that to the staff when you go in.

Perhaps the best guacamole I have had in a long time, it was a little on the chunky side and that’s the way I like it. I had steak tacos …two too many and was on overload by the time I quit eating…which is always the case when I indulge in really good Mexican.

This restaurant is at 2558 North Halsted and has a great outdoor patio which you can enjoy now that the weather is sunny and gorgeous and remember…it’s always Margarita time on my menu.

Salud and Bon Appetit!