Sunday, April 11, 2010

Harry Caray's Navy Pier

Harry Caray’s Navy Pier is an attractive space with lots of dark wood and an atrium out front to take in all of the sunshine and vibes that come along with being at Navy Pier. It has an enormous outdoor patio and I can already see the cast of thousands come summer.
The 300 seat spot boasts a total of 30 TV’s and plenty of sports memorabilia.

We ordered the burger bites and although I was disappointed when they came – the bun looked dry and the burgers overdone, I took one bite and remembered why I love burgers at Harry’s. The combination of the pretzel roll and burger really worked and was surprisingly good.

A bit of a limited menu and not a lot of low calorie options but a great feel and a prime spot just inside the navy pier entrance.

Bon Appetit!