Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Years Confession… So Much For The Gingerbread Lattes!

All of the disgustingly good nibblers, cookies, food and wine that I promised I would not get into this year –   I did!

It was the first year that I ate literally everything that was put in front of me. I denied myself nothing and gave into every single guilty pleasure without ever thinking about the consequences. Drat! Shame on me but… it was all soooooooooo good!

It didn’t really bother me until Saturday morning. That’s when the sugar buzz wore off and the reality set in. So much for my cheat weekends in January!

Lots of healthy “green” stir frys this week to remind me that cheating all through the Christmas season is not always the best thing to do. Not planned I know but somehow the sins of the day come back to bite you. My pants were so tight on Saturday I am still trying to catch my breath.

The old saying “You Are What You Eat” is so true. And on this particular Saturday morning, I was eggnog, potato latkes, wontons, cheeseballs, rosettes, eggs Benedict, sliders, pecan pie, prime rib and oh - I’m just getting warmed up.

So much for this year. I’ll make the same promise next year and your guess is as good as mine if I’ll keep it.

Thank goodness Starbucks Gingerbread Latte season is over!

Bon Appetit!