Sunday, August 15, 2010

Evanston Food Trucks? Here is what the Chicago Tribune reported:

While Chicagoans go without food trucks, Evanston is moving a step closer to dining-on-the-go.

Hummingbird Kitchen, which owns both Campagnola (815 Chicago Ave., Evanston, 847-475-6100) and Union Pizzeria (1245 Chicago Ave., 847-475-2400), has had its trucks thoroughly studied by the Evanston City Council over the past month.

In September, the council will vote on the food ordinance. If a simple majority votes yes, the food trucks of Evanston can hit the streets in a mad dash. Since only one alderman is currently opposed to the ordinance, it seems likely that Evanston will be soon enjoy pop in visits from mobile trucks.

Meanwhile, Chicagoans can only trust that one day the ban will be lifted and Graham Elliot will be free to dispense fried oysters and hush puppies from his “Grahamobile.”