Sunday, August 15, 2010

Taking My Cooking Skills To The Next Level… 10 Things I Plan To Master In The Next Year

Classic French (I’m taking on an entire cuisine because the fundamentals simply escaped me)

French Fries (The Big U…Ultimate Obsession!)

Curry (I Have Yet To Meet A Curry I Really Like)

Chinese hand-pulled noodles (ah…how many pulls did you say?)            Photo from the NY Times

Demi-Glace (How did it ever get this labor intensive?)                                Photo from Saveur

Chocolate Profiteroles (one of my favorite desserts that I’ve never tried to make)

Red Wine Bone Marrow Sauce (how do you classify a beyond YUM?)

Mole (You would think after all this time in Mexico I would know how to make mole? Think again!)

Paella (the most significant ingredient of every paella: the rice…and I can’t even find a recipe that looks good.)

Soufflé (time to to separate the myths from realty. I’ve done a great popover – certainly I can do a Soufflé – or can I? )

365 days…10 things to master.

Next week: The Most Painless Thing On This List…And It Might Take Me All Week To Figure Out Which One It Is.

Bon Appetit!