Sunday, March 25, 2012

Williams-Sonoma Cooking Classes: A Free Culinary Education

I thought that I  knew everything about making tarts so I stopped in for a class to see if had any thing else to learn.
The free cooking classes at Williams-Sonoma are held weekly.
I learned more than I planned and will be going to these classes every chance I get.
I was amazed at just how much I did not know and following the class, you’re given a 10% discount coupon to shop that day in the store.
Not sure if I enjoyed the class or the shopping more as turing me loose in a cooking store is dangerous.

I also signed on for the Gardening class (only $10.00) in April that will cover growing vegetables from seeds. Maybe I’ll have one up on my neighbor this year in our joint venture vegetable garden.
Class space in limited so call for a reservation and show up early.

I met a few other passionate cooks who are regulars in this class at the Lake Forest Williams- Sonoma . It was great to get their perspective on all the shortcuts.
The best part? Talking to other people who love to cook as much as I do made me all the more passionate to try something new in the kitchen that very afternoon.

Bon Appetit.