Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Your Cooking Skills in 2013 - Taking It To The Next Level

Cooking Schools: Free and Almost Free

Here are some cooking classes I’ve attended that are free or almost free.

P.S. We Like FREE!

Chefs and culinary students save money at Williams-Sonoma when they attend classes. You get a discount every time you attend/
I’ve been going to the classes almost every Sunday afternoon for a year. Amazing how much I have learned. This past year, they covered everything from growing vegetables from seeds to making jams, ice creams, free form pies and Thanksgiving sides.

Classes are held once a week. Look for a schedule at www.williams-sonoma.com.
Green City Market
Most of the celebrated chefs in Chicago support Green City Market, shop there on Wednesday and often put on free chef’s demonstrations. Look for a calendar on www.greencitymarket.org.
Fox and Obel Market, Cafe and Catering
Seasonally inspired classes and tastings. Many of them free. www.Fox-obel.com.
Treasure Island
Hands-on classes include tastings and wine. $15. www.Tifoods.com.
Cook it over and over again until it is your specialty …or until you can make itin your sleep.
Make sure that you keep the ingredients on hand so if you get an inspiration in the middle of the night, you have everything you need to start cooking at 3 AM.
Breakfast anyone?
Hanging Out With the Street Vendors
You can learn a lot about cooking just by hanging out with some of the street vendors.
I’ve picked up some of the best methods by spending 30 minutes in the street.
Best thing is they are all willing to teach you.
Devour Cookbooks and Magazines on Technique
Some classics:

The Science of Good Cooking

And of course Cooks Illustrated Magazine who is known for their obsessive
recipe testing. Every recipe I have tried out of this magazine has been unmatched.
Bon Appetit!