Thursday, February 28, 2013


Right behind Doughnut Vault and Glazed and Infused comes another doughnut restaurant Firecakes, at 68 W. Hubbard, who also stops serving when it runs out of doughnuts. Does that really ever happen?

I went early because I saw too many flavors I wanted to try. 

To my relief, the restaurant was actually big enough to stand inside and wait. I loved that after freezing last weekend while waiting for Doughnut Vault to open up. A half an hour after opening, the lines were as brutal as the weather.

No long lines here as Chef Fox’s heirloom recipe comes from his wife’s great-grandfather who was a baker for Wisconsin logging camps, where they made doughnuts over open fires. 

Wait until this place is discovered. It is definitely be on my AM radar again as it holds its own in a crowded mix of doughnut joints.

I tried four flavors – 

Butterscotch Praline

Maple Glazed Pineapple and Bacon

Coconut Cream and the Lemon Verbena Meringue above. 

My favorite? 

Can I try them again?

Bon Appetit!