Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Goodbye Hello...

I look with affection at the kitchen I've cooked in for over 25 years. There's nothing I'm lacking but the sense of adventure I went to San Miguel with back in May. That never left me.

My last three weeks in San Miguel? Like a good meal, it was shared.

In addition to day tours, a long but fantastic Dia de Los Muertos holiday, and a final round of great restaurants proved to be a non-stop party. 

Everyone should go out with a bang.

Letting it all go away before learning to make Oaxacan Black Mole was never a possibility.

Just when I thought I was leaving San Miguel, an opportunity came up to go back. I'm returning to Mexico in 2014 to explore the remaining 20 cities I've not been to.

Oaxaca, the food capital of Mexico, is my first stop after six weeks in San Miguel which will serve as my home base.

Stay tuned.

You Are What You Eataly...

Eataly was on my calendar today. What else would a foodie do her first day back in Chicago?

The $28 million extravaganza of everything Italian, with 63,000 square feet and 23 different dining options has 650 employees to carry out the pleasures of gelato, pizza, pasta, pastry, bread, the brewery and so many wines it will take you months to memorize all of Italy's regions...not to mention cookbooks, a cheese maker, and Baffo, a fine-dining option opening later this December.

Mario Batali refers to Chicago as the most progressive restaurant city in the country and what Chicago has had forever just got an Italian facelift.

Me? All I got was another travel bug.

Buon Appetito!