Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Hotel Matilda has done it again; not one but two of the best new bars in San Miguel de Allende. The Monkey Bar and now, the new Mui Ramen Bar, are both post-Covid versions of what a bar should look like in 2021 SMA: a stylish, modern classic that pours Casa Dragones and other high-end labels. You’ll love the daily cocktail menu at Mui Ramen Bar; many of the drinks are made with Sake. Don’t come here if you’re going to watch the clock; it’s a lazy day kind of place with an almost perfect vibe. It also has an outstanding, new Asian menu created by Hotel Matilda’s chef, Paul Bentley. Although the differences in its recent renovation are subtle, the exception is a signature, black and white Carp boldly brushed across the back wall. The painting grows on you so were thinking that someone really needs to give this mammoth catch a name. The rooftop patio is upstairs and hidden among the trees and flowering plants, making it totally possible to go into hiding for hours on end. It doesn’t feel like a hotel bar; an idyllic spot to waste away an afternoon. We know, we’ve done it three times already and were about to do it again today.
A home away from home, Mixologist/Manager Jon Vas is your host. We give the bar an added star as the service here is as near to perfect as it gets. It’s the kind of place you can go solo or with a crowd and there’s not many of those bars in SMA.
We ordered the Lazy Mango; the best new summer drink in SMA made with Sake, homemade mango calpi, sherry and chamomile syrup.
No cutting corners here – the quality of the cocktails and food is exceptional. Try any of the following dishes; we loved them all. Gyozos de cerdo/Wontons with pork, bittersweet sauce, spring onions and sesame seeds. Pan fried then steamed, the bittersweet sauce is the flavor standout in these dumplings. 5 pieces for $150 pesos.
A lighter but also filling appetizer: the Bao Pollo Frito/Steamed Bao bun with fried chicken, pickled carrot and cucumber, hoisin sauce and shiracha. We also got our fried chicken fix for the week. $90 pesos.
Shoyu Ramen: Pork and chicken broth with a perfect spice blend, ramen noodles, belly chashu, soy marinated egg, nori seaweed and garlic oil. A vegetarian option is also available along with three other types of Ramen. Surprisingly, because it often isn’t, the egg is perfectly cooked and served with a generous portion of pork. $200 pesos. Mui Ramen Bar Hotel Matilda Aldama #53, Centro 37700 Hours Tuesday - Sunday: 1:00 PM – 11:00/ Closed Monday. Chef: Paul Bentley Mixologist/Manager: Jon Vas