Tuesday, February 1, 2022

So many GREAT new restaurants in SMA, we're playing catch-up…

We'll be posting about all the good food at:
Outstanding in the Field: Chef Donnie Masterton outdid himself; cooking for a group of 60 people on his ranch. Chef Masterton was at his best - hosting Outstanding in the Field for the first time as the farmer; perhaps his greatest role. Also look for pictures on Facebook by one of SMA’s best photographers, Nicolas De Panam.
Cafe Lula – Jesus #27: Just in case you missed it, we posted yesterday on Café Lula. It’s healthy and loaded with many tasty dishes made by new chef, Ovier Espinoza Santos, who worked for Executive Chef, Juan Manuel Galvan Lopez at La Dona, one of SMA’s best chefs and restaurants.
El Estoril – Hidalgo #4: This restaurant has been in Mexico City for 50 years this year and when you taste the food, you’ll know why it’s in a class by itself. Every dish was magnificent, lifting the bar in SMA to a new level once again. We joined Chef Magda Elisa Pablos, one of our favorite chefs in SMA for the feast. Chef Magda Elisa Pablos is at El Estoril on the weekends; helping to oversee the operation of the restaurant. You’ll not recognize this space inside Hacienda de Guadalupe; it is drop-dead gorgeous. The Sarten de Pato Confitatado is one of our favorite dishes. The portions are all really generous; perfect for splitting. They have a sushi bar up front called Murasaki.
Cafe Umaran – Umaran #8: We introduced Café Umaran to SMA last year. One of the best cafes, it has a great bakery and even better prices. It’s now one of our morning office stops so come by for a cup of coffee and a chat. They’re expanding the menu with new offerings. Besides, who else has a tree growing in the middle of their dining room? Try the Ultimate roll with bacon, cheeses, egg yolk and truffle oil. Café Umaran comes to SMA by way of Metepec Toluca, where owner, Francisco Diaz, had a restaurant prior to Covid. Paco moved the entire operation to SMA and is doing what he does best again – making delicious pastries and breads. Many are priced between $10 - $37 pesos and since value is seldom paired with quality anymore, this is another reason to love Café Umaran; it’s affordable. Also try the Envueltos Guayaba; the best new pastry in SMA.
We picked up gorgeous breads from the new Panio store at La Luciernaga. Buy a Bonjour Panio bag and fill it with some of their best offerings. Panio provides some of the best delivery service in SMA. What better gift to give than the gift of bread?
We also enjoyed a soon-to-be new appetizer on Chef Arturo Sandoval’s menu at Atrio – Cuna de Allende #3: Hamachi with Siracha. Chef Sandoval is one of the best chefs in SMA having stood the test of time. Chef Michael Coon was along for the tasting. Panio and Atrio are part of SMA’s gold standard; vendors who provide the very best quality of food in SMA. This week, we have another round of new restaurants; finishing off with a tasting at Terraza La Vista at Prol. de Aldama 1, on top of the Hotel Golpe de Vista with head chef, Antonio Arzola. You may recognize Chef Arzola from Casa de Sierra Nevada. Stay tuned.