Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Amorino: San Miguel de Allende's Healthy Ice Cream

I’m pretty sure if I haven’t had at least one scoop of ice cream before breakfast, I haven’t started my day yet. What else would you expect from someone who carries around an ice cream freezer disguised as her camera bag? Pure and simple, I’m obsessed with Ice Cream. My father’s stores had Bridgeman’s fountains in them so when I was growing up, I ate the best ice cream on the planet. When I was living in Guadalajara in the late 60’s, there was a Bing’s ice cream store just around the corner from school. Eating Flan de Lemon every day after class was part of the sweet experience. In my 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, David Lebovitz's homemade vanilla ice cream took me through 30 years of cooking and entertaining. By the time my granddaughter Olivia came along, I bought the ice cream attachment for the Kitchen Aid so she would know the delights of homemade ice cream. Dipping her long handled, silver spoon into the mixing bowl before it was even close to being done was the ultimate pleasure of our ice cream culture together. I’ve never claimed that ice cream is healthy but Armorino, the new gelato store in Doce 18, is as close as it gets. Besides having AMOR in its name, Amorino: has made Gelato without flavor enhancers or artificial colorings for more than 15 years. has promoted Organic since 2002, proudly integrating organic ingredients into its recipes like fresh, free range, organic eggs and the highest grade of whole, organic farm milk. has developed more than 20 organic flavors; all of them USDA Organic and ECOCERT certified. sorbets and cones are vegan and certified by The Vegan Society. Since 2017, all of Amorino’s Sorbets and Gelato have been 100% gluten-free. We found the Amorino management team, brothers, Christopher and Christian Roldan, sitting in the living room of the Amorino’s store at Doce 18, contemplating their next flavor fix. Christopher fell in love with the combination of lemon and chocolate when he was working in Paris and brought Amorino to the states and ultimately to Playa del Carmen, Amorino’s first property in Mexico. He lives in my hometown of Chicago with Amorino stores on Michigan Avenue and at both the airports. San Miguel de Allende became their 16th property in Mexico with 218 stores in 18 countries. Our current, flavor favorite is the Dulce de Leche but we’re not stopping there. We plan to eat the entire menu over the next month. An ice cream purist, I only eat one flavor at a time but you can pile on as many as you’d like, all formed into a flower, Amorino’s signature shape for the past twenty years. Amorino also has Borbone coffee from Naples, Macarons filled with Gelato, Waffles, Tarts from Reggio Emmilia and 10 types of authentic, Italian hot chocolate. How’s that for having your sweet tooth covered? Open from 10 AM to 10 PM, seven days a week, Amorino is located in Doce 18 at Relox 18.