Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monday Night...Chopped Salad To The Rescue

I hate Monday and the last thing I want to do on Monday night when I get home is to cook. This is my quick and easy for a Monday night dinner. On Sunday I cook extra of everything so I have some great leftovers for my dinner the next day. I am always back to cooking dinner again on Tuesday but on Monday - honestly I just can’t do it! Monday is my day off from both exercise and cooking.

I chop up a lot of vegetables. By chop I mean chop really small. Throw absolutely anything into the mix. I chop a different variety of vegetables every week and they will keep fresh for 4-5 days. I store them in a Tupperware container and put them over lettuce for an easy chopped salad with some ditalini or on a baked potato for a meatless dinner. I’m sure to get my daily requirement of vegetables when I do this. It forces me to eat healthy. So my great meal tonight took all of 10 minutes. I may hate Monday’s but I love my easy Monday dinners.

The vegetable chopper I have is wonderful. It is spring loaded and I bought it at my resale store for $3.00. Chops up everything quickly and tiny, tiny. If you get one of these, you will swear it is one of those kitchen tools you cannot live without. In a matter of minutes you have some quick and easy meals for the week!

Chop Chop!