Monday, November 2, 2009

What's So Remarkable About Chicago...Besides The Skyline?

What’s so remarkable about being in Chicago… If you are a foodie, Chicago is definitely one of the best food towns to be in and here is why…

Access to great food: Ben Pao, Carlos, Catch 35, Charlie Trotters, Frontera Grill, Gibsons, Heaven On Seven, Le Colonial, Red Light, and Shaws…just to name a few.

Markets that make ingredients accessible: Fox and Obel, Trader Joe’s and every local Farmers Market out there including  Lake Bluff and the Green City Market.

Artisan stores dedicated to singular perfection: The Spice House, Paulina Market, Pastoral, and Caputo Cheese Market…can I go on?

An exciting wine scene and interesting sommeliers: Belinda Chang, Douglas Marello, Chad Ellegood, and my favorite host of “Check Please” Alpana Singh.

Sophisticated cocktail programs and bar chefs: We all know NACIONAL 27 is at the top of this list…and there are at least a hundred more.

Young chefs with fresh ideas: Jessica Lane of Jam, Chuy Valencia of Chilam Balam , Shaw Las of XOCO, Matt Troost of Fianco and so many others bringing ground-breaking ideas to your table.

Destination restaurants: Carnivale, CocoPazzo, Mike Ditka's Restaurant, Spiaggia, and Tavern On Rush (one of my favorites) and hundreds of others.

Maverick chefs: We have a ton of them and I think you know who they are…famous and mega-famous…that being Rick Bayless.

Outstanding street food: You can find everything and anything here…from the hot dog (Superdawg Drive-In) to XOCO’s Conchinita Pibil. We could pick a dozen places to eat street and still have enough left over for next week… and the week after…and the week after that!

So, let us know why you are convinced that Chicago is the best city for a foodie to be.

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Love Chicago!