Sunday, December 12, 2010

Maintain Your Weight During The Holiday

Here are some things to think about when grabbing for that next holiday drink or appetizer. If I can maintain my weight during the holidays, I’m ahead of the game.

Opt For The Bubbly

Choose a glass of Champagne at just under 100 calories. You’ll drink less because it’s served in a smaller glass…that is unless you have several small glasses.

Be Realistic

The average person does not give up their favorite foods and stick to healthy eating during the holidays. Focus on having fun and keeping expectations realistic.

Weight Management And Not Weight Loss

Make healthy eating choices your goal when it is time to lose weight – say January 2nd!Have The Party At Your House

You have a lot more control over what kinds of food will be served. And at the end of the night, you don’t have to worry about finding your designated driver.

Portion Control

Don’t pass up on your favorite food, just take a smaller portion. Put Itty-Bitty in your holiday vocabulary.

Have a Subway

At lunch, I go vegetarian with a 6” Veggie - all the vegetables and honey mustard - at least once a week - just like Jared!

Use A Smaller Plate

I’ve always been about eating on small plates.

Your mind will consider it a full plate regardless of the size so use a small plate rather than a large one.

Have A Glass Of Water

Follow every drink with a glass of water. I now make this a rule during the holiday. Water is filling, has 0 calories, is inexpensive and helps flush out the excesses.

It's Okay To Say "No."

The host will not be offended if you say no --- all the more for him!

Order Clear

If you can’t see through it it’s full of calories so don’ drink it.

Follow The Three Bite Rule

Did you know that after the third bite, your taste buds don't register the flavors as sharply? True… so unless it's amazing give it up after the third bite.

Petite Appetit!