Saturday, January 22, 2011

Getting Healthy…Again!

In a matter of months I went from super fit to got-to-lose-a-few. How did this happen so fast? For the first time in 15 years, I have a few pounds to lose. Lucky for me it’s just a few.
About that same time I started over eating, I became bored with my exercise routine. I was changing it up frequently but obviously not often enough.

I caught myself right before the slide and changed my entire program. I signed on to a new gym and a new agenda but more importantly, I am back in the routine. It took me a few weeks to get here but once you are, it’s part of your day…like getting up early or eating breakfast. Having a fitness goal is an inspiring way to jump start the new year. What is yours?

I’ll be the first one to admit, I love to eat. To me, there is nothing better than demolishing an enormous plate of Edzo’s truffle fries and writing a food blog. You have a genuine excuse to pig out.

I have an athletic build and can pack on pounds with one burger and a cheese please… it’s that easy! I can also shed them that fast too just by cutting out sugar, bread and alcohol for a week. There is no center ground for me.

I do believe that your head has to be in it 100% to succeed. But, this is the tough part. I did my math – thanks to the help of a trainer last week- and figure that it will take me 10 months to get back into fighting shape.

Reality Check: For every month you goof off, it’s a two month payback.

Speaking of fighting shape, boxing is part of my new routine. I love to box having taken lessons a while back. My grandfather was a golden gloves boxer so it is in the genes. I also recently saw “The Fighter” and got inspired.

Why do I love boxing? It’s the highest form of self-disciple. You can’t cut corners or skip a workout because it will show. You not only have to be physically well trained but mentally as well. You can have all the support in the world but it’s up to you to fail or succeed.

So…what was my progress today? I gave up a free cupcake at the new Crumb’s Bake Shop at 303 W Monroe.

Crumb’s gave away free cupcakes to the first 1,000 customers who walked in their door. I wasn’t one of them.

Bon Appetit!