Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year's Day PX

Got the morning after blahs? Down some electrolytes! The salt and potassium in soup replaces lost electrolytes, relieving some of the symptoms of thirst, headache, weakness, and lightheadedness when you’ve had too much the night before.

I boil a whole chicken for 40 minutes in a pan of cold water covered with spices (use your mind's eye – I happen to use a lot of them and change it up every time depending on which fresh herbs and spices I have in my refrigerator) and vermouth or white wine. You’ll want to bring the chicken to a boil then turn down on low until cooked. I then take the chicken off the bone and throw it back into the pot and slowly simmer on the stove all day with the lid on. Just before eating, throw in a half bag of wide egg noodles and boil for 12 minutes.

A chunk of French bread and several humongous glasses of ice water (yes, water and not the hair of the dog) will put you back in mint condition in no time.

Bon Appetit!