Monday, April 25, 2011

May is Restaurant Month…

My dear friend, Diana von Cranach, is a one-woman wonder. Her comebacks to my “what have you been up to” inquests never fail to make me laugh.

Outside of working 24/7 because she lives in Bali she insists she does not. She is also a big CT (Charlie Trotter) fan so I am confident that she will come to Chicago sometime soon.

Catch this growing list of credits.

Diana is an English Egyptologist and interior designer, a talented raw chef/instructor, cookbook author and owner of the Puri Ganesha Luxury Villas in Bali.

What has she done lately?

She opened a restaurant in Luang Prabang, Laos and is about to open another in Singapore on May 12th… with her name on it.

Stay tuned.

We’ll cover the news on Diana’s opening along with the Restaurant show here in Chicago May 21-24. May is bound to be a celebrated month of great chefs.

With over 40,000 strong, thanks again for reading.

Bon Appetit!