Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mexican Fresh

Who said Mexican is all about beans and cheese? You’ve got one good reason to celebrate this taco. It’s filled with little else but farm fresh vegetables.

This stunning plate of food is from Rubi’s at Mawell Street Market in Chicago. Now, I just copy Rubi’s cooking by making my tacos the same way at home - with a little bit of grilled meat and a huge pile of veggies.

Real Mexican cooking is so beautiful. It’s garden-fresh and colorful and full of interesting flavors like peppers…jalapeƱos, habaneros, serranos, chipotles, and poblanos, just to name a few.

The chili pepper is universal in Mexican cooking which gives you a great reason to try growing them this summer. If you have a craving for spicy peppers and live in a cooler climate like I will this summer in San Miguel, cover the soil with dark plastic mulch or grow the peppers in containers and place them in full sun.

If you’re not sure if you can handle a specific pepper, touch it to the tip of your tongue to get an idea of it’s heat level. It’s the fastest way of getting through a meal without having to open a cold Dos Equis or two.
On second thought, Dos Equis is a great pairing for chili peppers so by all means, open one up for yourself.

I often love to slice what fresh tomatoes and peppers I have on hand, pair it with an avocado and make an easy and delicious salad.

Mexican food is also not all about carne asada and carnitas. While I love them both, I use just a little bit of meat on a homemade tortilla and top it with a lot of fresh vegetables or fruit.

It’s the authentic way to go and remember that you’re filling up on all of those fruits and vegetables that are the basics for every healthy diet.

The real Mexican? You'll love the taste and you might even drop a pound or two in the process.

Bon Appetit!