Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's All About Dessert...

With a round of Moxi, Nirvana and The Restaurant this week, my taste buds are on overload.

All three chefs are masters of their art and here’s why dessert is still my favorite course.

Buen Apetito!

Moxi at Hotel Matilda
Birthdays are a good reason to go to Moxi but you really don't need an excuse to celebrate the standout cuisine of Mexico City chef and international culinary star Enrique Olivera.

With one bite of the ribs, I'll not argue that he is perhaps one of the best chefs in Mexico not to mention his Mexico City restaurant, Pujol, is number seventeen on the San Pellegrino list of the world’s 50 best restaurants.

Dessert? Good enough for me to find an excuse to come back for seconds.

Mexican CIA-trained Chef Juan Carlos Escalante has the corner on classic Mexican food.

Honestly, this mole was some of the best I’ve had in San Miguel.

My favorite retreat in the city, you can come out here, put your feet up and eat to your heart’s content for hours on end. 

The Margaritas are really good with a splash of OJ.

Dessert? It was the only things that didn’t thrill me. Everything else did!

The Restaurant – What’s Not To Love For Under 100 pesos?
What I really love about this restaurant and Chef Donnie Masterton is that they work with local growers to buy the freshest products available. That’s the key to remarkable food.

One of his chefs walked out of the market on Saturday with bags full of organic ingredients and she was so excited about what she found when I stopped to talk to her.

People talk about prices but I’ve found the simple solution. I eat here for lunch and nothing I’ve had – main course or dessert – has been over 100 pesos. 

These stack of ribs were the best I’ve had so far in San Miguel. I also loved the pot stickers.

Let’s talk about quality. Where can you get this quality for 100 pesos? To me, quality really matters.

Dessert alone will bring me back because they are the best I’ve found anywhere in San Miguel.