Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Bakeries of San Miguel

I’ll live! If I haven’t found all of the great restaurants here in San Miguel yet, I’ve certainly found the bakeries.

It’s not that I like one or two of them. I like them all…each for a different obsession.

Buen Apetito!

Correo 29

How does this sound? Large slices of butter-loaded day old Brioche soaked in liqueur-infused almond and orange flower syrup often topped with frangipane and slivered almonds and cooked to a crispy-edged perfection. It’s then baked a second time and rounded off with a dusting of powdered sugar.

I’m pretty sure I’m totally addicted to this inviting French pastry!

Calle Hernandez Macias 97
French Bread and Focaccia

I’ve tried the French Bread at many of the bakeries here and Mivida’s is the best. You know, the kind that has a crust so brittle that it litters the table with crumbs.
I also love the onion topped Focaccia and will sometimes have it for dinner with a glass of white wine.
La Buen Vida
Hernández Macías # 72-5 and Saturday Organic Market

Believe me, I’ve tried them all and can’t decide which one is my favorite.

I don’t know what they use, but the texture is different from almost every other doughnut I’ve had. Fluffy – sorry, that’s the only word I can think of to describe it - and so delicious, they are my mainstay for Saturday morning breakfast at the organic market.

Reminds me of home.

The Mesa Grande
Zacateros 49
English Muffins

I’ve tried for years to duplicate the recipe of the woman who sold homemade English Muffins at the Lake Bluff Farmers Market. They were so good, I use to make BLT’s on them every day in the summer.

This is the closest recipe I’ve found.

The Petit Four
Mesones 99
Chocolate anything

Everyone has a price and let it be known that mine is chocolate.

From his Postre de Chocolate Y Tequila at his cooking class to his mini chocolate chip cookies with peanut butter filling and his chocolate and orange galletas, everything he creates in chocolate is a work of genius.

La Colmena: The Blue Door Bakery
Relox No 21
Phyllo Dough with Whipped Cream filling
When I was young, I use to eat whipped cream right out of the can. I’ll admit I was obsessed. In fact, I still am.
This pastry is perfect and not as sweet as you would think.
I’ll sometimes take it with a cappuccino in the late afternoon.
This is a once a month indulgence.

Panaderia San Sebastian
Calzada De La Aurora 24
Empanadas and Cookies

Some say that their Empanadas are the best. I really like them because they are thin and not an overdose which a lot of empanadas in San Miguel are.

These powdered sugar galletas ago down painlessly with a large glass of ice cold milk.

Chef Isabelle Ortega
San Miguel’s Saturday Organic Market

I loved the taste of this quiche the first time I had it. Why? Because it’s real French quiche where the custard base is thicker than a quiche made any place else.

My friend Genevieve from France tells me it is nearly perfect…nearly meaning the best is only from France.

I took that as an endorsement.